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Terms and Conditions:

The Registered office of which is situated at Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. Clients applying to hire property are referred to as 'the Applicants' until such time as they take up residence when they are referred to as 'the Tenants'. Costa del Sol Rentals, 'the Letting Agents', act only as agents for the owners of the property, 'the Owners'. Therefore any contract is between the Owners of the property on one part and the Applicants or Tenants on the other. The name and address of the owner of any villa can be provided on request. 

2. Deposit 
If a booking is made eight weeks or more before the tenancy is due to start, a deposit of 50% of the rent must accompany it. If a booking is made less than eight weeks before the tenancy is due to start, the full rent, plus any additional charges, must be paid at the time of booking. In the event of a booking not being accepted for whatever reason by the Lettings Agents all fees paid will be refunded immediately to the Applicant. 

3. Final Payment 
Once the booking is received and accepted by the Letting Agents, the Applicants are liable for payment of the balance of rent six weeks before the start of the tenancy. Non-payment by the due date “may” be treated as a cancellation. If the booking is cancelled, the deposit is non-refundable. Please note that the Letting Agents do not send reminders - the balance due date is shown on the Booking Confirmation

4. Altering a Booking 
Once a booking has been accepted by the Letting Agents the booking can only be changed to another villa providing the villa is available for the new dates and the Owners are agreeable to the change.

5. Cancellation 
A cancellation is to be received in the Letting Agents' office in writing. 

6. Optional Extras 
These are listed in the description of each property and will be charged at the rates shown where applicable

7. Discounts 
Discounts are applicable at the letting agents discretion. 

8. Price Changes 
The Letting Agents reserve the right to amend the prices quoted on the Web site due to errors or omissions, or changes in the VAT rate. All prices and booking are subject to availability. 

9. Method of Payment 
Payments are to be made by bank transfers. No other forms of payment are accepted. Any charges raised against the Letting Agents by their bank for handling bank transfers will be passed on to the Applicants who are liable to reimburse the Letting Agents in respect of such charges within 7 days of receipt of notification from the Letting Agents. 

10. Overseas Bookings 
Overseas applicants may pay by bank transfer to the Dutch bank or by other means agreed with the letting agents. Any charges for payments from overseas will be passed on to the Applicants.


11. Eligibility 
Bookings will not be accepted from: 
Groups of single persons under the age of 25. 
All male or all female parties comprising more than three people. 
The Letting Agents reserve the right to decline and to terminate any bookings at their discretion. In the event of the termination of a booking, the cost of the booking may be refunded less any costs caused to the Letting Agency or the Owners subject to the Letting Agents discretion. 

12. The Tenancy 
The Tenancy confers upon the Tenants the right to occupy the villa for a holiday period as described in their contract. The tenancy does not grant to the Tenant the right to permanently occupy the property or to create any interest in the property other than the occupancy of the property for the term of the letting being that of a holiday rental.

13. Tenants Obligations 
The Tenants agree: 
To pay for any losses or damages to the property, caused by the Tenant or a member of their party (reasonable wear and tear excluded), unless the cost of making good such loss or damage can be fully recovered under any third party insurance policies maintained by the Owners. 
To take good care of the property and leave it in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the tenancy. 
A cleaning service is not provided during the tenancy unless otherwise specified. 
To permit the Owners and the Letting Agents access to the property subject to reasonable notice except in the case of an emergency. 
Not to move any furniture or electrical items during their Tenancy.
Not to climb on any walls, pergolas, bars or exterior structure not designed for this activity.
To clean up any spillages immediately as ants are a problem.
Not to part with possession of the property, or share it, except with members of the party shown on the booking form. 
Not to exceed the total number of people stipulated in the property description. A cot may only be occupied by a child aged 24 months or less. 
Not to cause an annoyance or become a nuisance to the owners, letting agents or occupants of adjoining premises. 
That under no circumstances, any persons whose name that does not appear on the booking form should be allowed access to the property. 

14. Duration & Times of Letting 
Lettings are for a maximum of two weeks unless agreed otherwise with the letting agents and commence at 16.00 pm on the first day of the tenancy and end at 10.00 am on the day of departure unless otherwise notified. The period booked cannot be exceeded unless the Letting Agents give written approval. The Tenants will be liable for any cost of whatsoever nature incurred because of an unauthorized extension. 

15. Non-Availability of Property 
If for any reason beyond the Owners' reasonable control the property is not available on the date booked (owing to fire damage, industrial action, earthquake, flood, war, terrorism, storm, tempest or act of god), or the property is unsuitable for holiday letting, all rent and charges paid in advance by the Applicants will be refunded in full, but the Applicants shall have no further claim against the Owners or the Letting Agents for any loss suffered.


16. Liability 
The Letting Agents do not accept liability for any act, neglect or default on the part of the Owners or any other person not within their employ or otherwise under their control, nor for any accident, damage, loss, injury, expense or inconvenience, whether to person or property, which the Tenants or any other person may suffer or incur arising out of, or in any way connected with the letting. In addition, the Owner and the Letting Agents accepts no liability for loss of or damage to the Tenants' possessions on the Owners' property or land. 

18. Keys 
If keys are lost or stolen and locks require changing, the cost of replacement will be charged to the Tenant. 

19. Rubbish 
Please place ALL of your rubbish into bin liners, and firmly secure the tops. These must be placed in the collection point designated on your arrival. Do not throw any litter or cigarette butts into garden beds, or over walls etc.

20. Pool 
No food or drinks are to be consumed in or around the pool area.
Do not take any glass or breakable objects near the poolside area.
Do not throw any objects into the pool other than items specifically designated for pool use. Any Stones, coins or objects with cause damage or detriment to the pool, which cause the pool to be emptied or repaired, will involve the Tenants in a surcharge for its repair.

21. Smoking 
Smoking is not accepted in any property. Ashtrays are provided for use outside. 

22. Brochure Descriptions 
Some of the information on the Costa del Sol Properties Web site relates to matters beyond the control of the Letting Agents. Closure of such premises and other changes to external facilities are outside the Letting Agent's control and therefore these details cannot be relied upon absolutely. 

23. Complaints 
All complaints must be notified to the Letting Agents immediately so that an on-the-spot investigation can be made if necessary and remedial action taken if required. In no circumstances will compensation be made for complaints raised after the tenancy has ended when the Tenant has denied the Letting Agents or the Owners the opportunity of investigating the complaint and endeavoring to put matters right during the tenancy. 

24. Pets 
Pets are not permitted in any of the properties. 

25. Inventory 
Where an inventory is provided, any discrepancies are to be reported to the Owner or the Housekeeper within 24 hours of arrival, otherwise the inventory will be deemed to be correct. 

26. Linen 
Linen is changed between tenancies. Towels are not always provided (please ask for information) and Tenants should bring their own unless otherwise notified. Towel hire is available (please ask for information)from the Letting Agents only if this has been requested on your booking form.


27. VAT 
Where VAT is payable the tax is included in the weekly rent otherwise VAT will not be charged on the rent.


28. Breach of Contract 
If there is a breach of any of these conditions by any of the Tenants, the Owners and the Letting Agents reserve the right to re-enter the property and terminate the tenancy without notice without prejudice to the other rights and remedies of the Owners. 

29. Governing Law and Jurisdiction 
The validity, construction and performance of this Agreement shall be governed by Dutch Law. The Applicants and the Tenants submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Dutch courts. 

30. Authority to Sign 
The person who completes the booking form certifies that: 
He or she is authorized to agree the Booking conditions on behalf of all persons included on the booking form, including those substituted at a later date 
The signatory is over twenty five years of age and a member of the party intending to occupy the property. 
Agrees to take responsibility for the party occupying the property. 

31. Discrepancies 
In case of a discrepancy between these booking conditions and the other contents of the Costa del Sol Properties Web site, these conditions shall prevail. The Letting Agents accept no responsibility for any misleading or incorrect statements on the Web site or for other information contained on the Web Site beyond their control. 

32. Previous Websites 
This Web site and these Booking Conditions replace and supersede all previous Web sites and Booking Conditions. 

33. Validity Clause 
If any term or provision in these Booking Conditions shall in whole or in part be held to any extent to be illegal or unenforceable under any enactment or rule of law that term or provision or part shall to that extent be deemed not to form part of this agreement and the enforceability of the remainder of this agreement shall not be affected. 

34. Third Parties 
The parties agree and declare that they do not intend any term of this agreement except to the extend that the third party has any right remedy that is exist or is available apart from the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999. 

35. Insurance 
It is recommended that clients arrange their own medical accident and personal property insurance. It is further recommended that insurance cover is also obtained in respect of deposits and balances in the event of cancellation. We also request that when you arrive at the villa you make yourself aware of any possible hazards e.g floors that may become slippery when wet.


General Rental conditions Costa del Sol Rentals


2. Payment and further settlement

Within 7 days an advance payment should be transferred concerning 50% of the total rental price plus possible cancellation insurance. The second part of the rental price must be paid not later than 8 weeks before the beginning of the rental period. In case of a last-minute reservation (period between reservation and beginning of the rental period is shorter than 8 weeks) the whole amount must be paid at once. This can take place cash or by means of a telephonically transfer. Most of the times a deposit is requested for the accommodations. In principle, this deposit is paid at the arrival, sometimes the deposit is transferred together with the final payment to the renter. Normally the deposit is returned if the accommodation is declared OK at departure possibly after deduction of energy costs, cleaning costs and/or damage, sometimes the deposit is returned within 14 days upon the stay per bank.


3. Cancellation

A cancellation has to take place in writing. In case you haven’t concluded a cancellation insurance, the following rules are applicable:
- In case of cancellation until 56 days before the arrival day 50% of the traveling costs are invoiced. - In case of cancellation from the 56th day (inclusive) until the arrival day 100% of the traveling costs are invoiced.


4. Liability

We exclusively act as intermediary and therefore can’t accept any liability in case the owner of the holiday accommodation is in default despite of the enormous care we devote to each object. We are also not liable for damage caused by fire, leakage, accident or any other cause to renter, his co-occupants and/or his properties. In case, due to force majored, we are forced to cancel a rental contract, we can’t be held responsible in any way. In such a situation a refund will be paid of the amount paid to us, with deduction of the reservation costs made by us. The renter is liable for all damage to the holiday accommodation, inventory, and/or furniture which takes place during the rental period by him or one of his co-occupants. This will be repaired and invoiced to the renter. Faults or mistakes in our rental program can’t commit Costa del Sol Properties.


5. Stay

At arrival the holiday accommodation can normally be entered after 4 pm. In most cases the accommodation must be left before 10 am. Deviations are mentioned on the reservation confirmation. The holiday accommodation may not be occupied by more persons than which has been agreed in writing. In case it appears that there are more inhabitants than agreed, the owner /Costa del Sol Properties has the right to forbid further entrance to the accommodation, or to invoice EURO 25,00 per day per extra person. Bringing pets isn’t allowed without written permission. In case pets are found without written permission the owner/ Costa del Sol Properties has the right to forbid further entrance to the accommodation. Linen such as sheets, pillow case and (tea) towels need to be taken care of by the renter himself. In some cases it is possible to rent bed linen or is it included in the price. This is always mentioned in the description or in the price list of the holiday accommodation. On the departure day the holiday accommodation has to be left behind clean, which means the following: everything washed up clean, rubbish bags in the container or given to house keeping in time, provide the garbage can with a clean plastic bag, blankets and quilts fold up lying at the foot, refrigerator empty and clean, all food removed, floor swept.


6. Complaints

In case you have founded complaints concerning the cleaning in your holiday accommodation, you immediately (the same day) need to contact Costa del Sol Rentals. They will sent someone to investigate the complaint and in case it is founded, the accommodation will be cleaned. Please don’t clean yourself, otherwise your complaint will not be accepted, since Costa del Sol Properties can’t check anything then. In case you have complaints concerning another area, please notify us on the arrival day before 7 pm. Later than 7 pm your complaint can’t be dealt with.

Phone: (+31) 55 366 85 33 - webmaster
Mobi;e: (+31) 646 290 161
Email: info@costadelsol-rentals.nl
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