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Costadelsol: Benalmádena Spain

Benalmádenabenalmadena stad


Benalmádena has its name from the Moors (Ben al Madina = Son of the mines). 

Ruins of Phoenician and Roman settlements show that around Benalmádena was the Moorish era inhabited. 

Benalmádena has remained virtually uninhabited for fear of attacks from the sea. Long after the reconquest by the Catholic Kings 


At that time almost all the defenses were broken, so there's been little. Preserved 

In the 19th century, settled there among other things because of the grape growing again people Benálmadena but by phylloxera epidemic, and they left again. 


In the second half of the 20th century, Benalmádena, lived mainly by tourism, again. 

There was a lot of built making Benalmádena now one of the biggest tourist destinations in the Cost Adel sol has become with many hotels and holiday apartments. 

The marina and the Tivoli are most striking.

Harbour Benalmádenahaven benalmadena


In the beautiful marina in addition to restaurants and bars, a lot of small shops. 

From the harbor boat trips are organized for fishing or dolphin spotting. 

A ferry departs four times a day to Fuengirola where the castle or the zoo can be visited.



Every Fridays on Friday in Arroyo de la Miel market place. 

On Friday there is a Rastro flea market or in the parking lot at the La Paloma park.

Nightlife Benamádena


On the boulevard of Benamádena are many restaurants and beach bars where you can eat nice. 

The nightlife takes place mainly around Plaza Soly Mar with a number of nightclubs. 

The casino can be found in Benalmadena Torrequebrada hotel.

Aquarium "Sealife" Benalmádenaaquarium


In the marina of Benalmadena Puerto Marina, is the sea aquarium. 

With over two thousand different marina flora and fauna species, including sharks, seahorses speaks aquarium strongly to the imagination of the underwater life. 


With an entrance fee of about € 16, and € 14 for children, it is definitely worth a visit. 


The tunnel in the aquarium makes you feel a part of the onderzeek world, where many fish to see willingly and sharks hungrily watching those nice people.

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